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Our Little Secrets

We all have our little secrets, so here are 5 little things you may not know about us here at The Bedford Bar!

1. We built our big Beddie by hand. My husband, worked day and night building this beauty by himself with only a little help from his fabulous Dad, Mike. Talk about a labour of love-this is it!

2. The Bedford Bar was launched at our own wedding at the beautiful Bali Hai in Mossman, FNQ. We joked so often that if the Bar wasn't finished there wouldn't be a wedding! Just a joke but it did make the build up that extra bit more special/stressful!

3. When we started our bar neither of us had a single days' worth of bartending experience! 7 years later and 100's of weddings (and countless other events!) down, it is safe to say we've chocked up a bit of experience.

4. Our old girl was found by us down in Melbourne, with rusted signage and another truck cab in the tray. It was a mission to get her here to us in FNQ but she's definitely changed a bit since then!

5. Number 3 is on the way! No not another baby... another truck! Now this is the ultimate secret, but number 3 is going to be a bit different from the Bedford Bars you know and love. Watch this space!

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