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All the Gear and No Idea? No Worries!

When we first built our big Original Bar Truck (AKA Beddie) back in 2015, we didn't have a days worth of bar experience between us.

Cream Bar Truck
The Original Bedford Bar


We literally had not one clue about what equipment was required for a mobile bar, what we would need, or where to get it from.  Our experience of bars was solely from the other side of the bar…


But when we built Black Betty in 2021, it was a whole different ball game and we made a whole heap of changes:


-More Beer Taps

-More Storage

-Lowered Glasswasher (short people rejoice!)

-Improved Table Design 

-Improved drainage system and ease of power and water hook up


It doesn't sound like much, but it's made the world of difference.  Adapted and improved over the years, we now have the ideal blueprint in which ease of use and high functionality go hand in hand.  This coupled, with extensive event planning processes and pre-booked menus means that while every event is different, a lot of what we do day to day and between events never changes, leaving us confidently in charge whatever the event.


The ease of use of Bedford Bars enables us to take on employees with little to no experience behind a bar, training them on the job at their first event- knowing that they'll confidently be serving guests, and joking with the Groomsmen by the end of their first shift.


So if you've got no bar experience (or maybe it was years ago and you're feeling a bit rusty!)- you'll be able to slip right in behind the bar at a Bedford Bar and easily learn the ropes, serving large events in no time.  

A Bar Truck at a wedding
The Original Bar Truck doing what she does best!

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