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Bride and Groom at The Bedford Bar


Welcome to The Bedford Bar- the Mobile Bar where the Good Times Roll!


We are Sophie and Clint, the faces behind The Bedford Bar.  We’re the ones answering the phones,  polishing the glasses and chauffeuring the big gal’s (our 1950’s Bar Trucks!) around the Far North,  knocking up drinks and starting parties accompanied by our gun team of bartending legends.


We decided to build a bar while planning our own wedding.  We couldn’t find anyone to provide the specific drinks we wanted at a price we could afford ($14 cocktails from the caterer, I’m talking about you!) What started out as light hearted ‘maybe’ after a couple of wedding planning drinks, got much more serious in November 2014 when we bought our first Bedford- a 1959 J5 from Melbourne.


The years had not been easy on the old gal and she needed a lot of work so Clint (a Carpenter) alongside his Dad Mike (a mechanic) worked tirelessly to make her roadworthy in only 7 months.  A new V8 motor, coat of paint, brakes and of course a whole bar built on the back too before our August 2015 wedding.  We often joked that if the bar wasn’t finished on time there wouldn’t be a wedding!


We launched our mobile bar on our own wedding day with great success (and a whole lot of lessons learnt on day one!)  And so The Bedford Bar was really born.  In 2021, we added Black Betty- a 1954 A2 Bedford.  And to date these two babes have completed hundreds of weddings, parties and corporate events. We have loved creating incredible memories with our guests over the years, and decided to share the love (and the opportunity!) of the Bedford Bar.


The Bedford Bar is Australia’s Original Truck Bar.  Built on the back of our 1950’s vintage Bedford trucks, The Bedford Bar delivers event beverage catering with style and ease.  Our mission is to make providing exceptional drinks service to your guests easy and hassle free and ensuring those good times roll!


A Franchise with The Bedford Bar is an excellent addition to any event- weddings, birthday parties and corporate events are our bread and butter but we have also been involved in product activations, baby showers, Christmas Parties, Community Events and so many more exciting opportunities.  Anywhere drinks are required (alcoholic or not!)- The Bedford Bar will be the perfect, stylish and functional addition to any event.


Our bar builds are not only unique but highly functional with inbuilt keg beer facilities, glass washing and refrigeration designed to plug in to power and start pouring.  Everything we need for an event service fits in the back, unpacking to create a premium backdrop with  heaps of vintage charm along with everything you’ll need to run a seamless beverage catering experience.

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