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5 Ways to Market your Mobile Bar

So you might already have a business, a bar fully built and looking beautiful and hopefully at least the start of a social media presence. What next? Oh yeah, cash flow would be nice! And for that you’ll need some bookings!

But where do you even start marketing your mobile bar? Where is it that your ideal client is currently hanging out? Do you even know who you ideal client is?

If you’re in the Mobile Bar Industry, there’s a really good chance that a lot of your clients are couples looking or planning to get married. Of course, there will be birthday parties, engagement parties and some corporate stuff thrown in there too but first things first- weddings. Here’s my top 5 spots to focus your marketing attempts in order to reach those ideal clients:

  1. Instagram- Weddings are inherently visual events. From the flowers to the venue and of course all those little details. Brides and Grooms are finding inspo on insta- no surprise there! Consistency is key with instagram, not only will the algorithm favour you but consistency will show your clients how trustworthy you are too.

  2. Facebook- Look maybe your ideal client isn’t here often, they likely have a page but it’s also likely that their mum, Auntie and other family members who may be involved in the wedding planning are here often! Facebook doesn’t need as much loving as Instagram but showing your face around here consistently is still worthwhile!

  3. Vendor and Venue Referrals- The wedding industry is definitely a close knit community. The Wedding Vendor life can be a lonely one, many of us work on our own for great swathes of the year so when the season gets going, we love to see our fellow vendors on site! Hence, referrals are a thing. We love to work with people we vibe with, people who are passionate and who do a great job- pulling together an epic wedding isn’t always easy and it’s crucial to have the dream team on your side. Make friends, work hard and create some magic by reaching out to other vendors, collaborating where possible and jumping into some packages with your favourites. Oh and throw a little referral back their way too ;)

  4. Wedding Expo’s-Wedding Expo’s can be a fantastic opportunity to both get your business in front of a lot of people and also get to know other vendors as they will likely be exhibiting too! They also often take place during the off season, so it’s a great chance to use the downtime for some marketing!

  5. Recommendations- the number one place to market your business is when you’re working in your area of expertise. For the mobile bar business, this is likely when you’re slinging drinks, creating some magic and letting those good times roll! I am a huge fan of experiential marketing, for me there is no marketing opportunity than a wedding of 50, 75, 100 thirsty guests all waiting to taste one of your delicious drinks. There’s a good chance they themselves may be of the age where they’ll be getting married, or maybe their friends are. So make a great impression here- from the first drink to the last call and you’ll no doubt come away with a whole heap of people ready to recommend you to the first person who asks!

Obviously, these are just a few places to market your mobile bar. I could go on, I could even write a book (maybe I should?!) but hopefully the above pointers should get the ideas (and the cash) flowing and the calendar filling up!

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